Overview of your application

Here is a checklist you can essentially print and work from when preparing your applications to law school. Refer to the OLSAS site with any technical questions.

Applications Open in September for the following September start. Monitor OLSAS. GPA/ LSAT/Referee Requirements per school.

Between applications opening and closing, the following will need to be submitted:

  1. LSAT : click for an article on how to ace the LSAT.
  2. Referees : usually one academic and one work or character related reference is required.
  3. Essay : click for an article on how to write the admission essay.
  4. Sketch : this is a list of activities you are or have been involved in.
  5. Transcripts : order a bunch from your high school and undergraduate institution and have them sent to the appropriate schools; get extra copies to your house as backup and scan them as PDF versions for future use.


Applications Close early November. Monitor the OLSAS site. Note that this only gives you 2 months to prepare your entire application.

Make sure to consult the official guide for applications as the specific requirements tend to change year-to-year. Use the comment form on the Contact page to let me know if I should update this information.


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