If you’re currently in university

If you have NOT chosen a program / you have the flexibility to switch degrees and/or majors, please read “If you’re currently in High School“.


If you are already in University there are a number of things you can do to ensure getting into law school. You should note that the law school does not care what degree you have so much as they care about your grades. Grades will be converted to a 4.0 scale value, if you are concerned about that process click here. Otherwise just worry about having the highest average you can achieve. Take your elective courses in introductory courses, take as many first year classes as allowed, look up “bird” courses etc… Of course it is better to take as may classes in subject you love, and are interested in… but if they bring your average down it may not be worth it. Remember, unless you are in a bio-medical degree and plan on practising law at a hospital, or a criminal justice degree and plan on practising criminal defence, you may never use what you learn in undergrad again. That is the simple truth. If you do plan to practice a type of law related to the undergraduate courses you are taking, highlight that dedication to the field in your application.


Try and display that you are well-rounded and in the process I am sure you will find something new that you love. Hobbies are very important in University, Law School, and life. They help with mental health, and provide excellent networking opportunities. If you can’t think of anything you would truly love, join the thing that demonstrate dedication to a career in law. Debate clubs, mooting competitions, and student government are all excellent choices. Join a pre-law society, if there isn’t one, start one. Initiative is highly valued in the law.


Law is a very social justice, giving back to the community, type of career. Admissions directors for the top schools want to see a high level of engagement with your community. Visit volunteer job boards and get out there as soon as possible ! As an undergraduate student you may be able to volunteer at a law office or courthouse. This is the time to take risks, you’re offering free work, someone will eventually see the value in that. Send emails anywhere and everywhere you’re interested in. The worst case scenario is they say no, but they will remember you, and in a year or so when you apply again they will appreciate the persistence.


In university you need to immediately start thinking about the LSAT. The first real step towards law school is often the hardest – obtaining an acceptable score.

Please read the Overview of your Application article and get started !

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Nothing I write should be taken as legal advice, I am writing my opinion backed by my own research. You should be out there googling and fact-checking everything before making any big life choices! Also – reach out to me with any questions.


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